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Not Just WiFi - not WiMax!
Next Generation Mobile Wireless Broadband
..Unlimited T1 & T3 Mobile Wireless Internet
...Cheap - as low as $19.95/month!
...And YOU can make money with it - free!

Get Mobile Wireless on your Laptop everywhere, not just Hot Spots!
Don't Pay $80+/month for old Technology!
Get new faster T1 Mobile Wireless everywhere for just $20/month.
They are setting up Now - You Can Market This Free!
The Company is backed by 13 billion and due to roll out NOW.
Don't miss being a part of this! THIS IS GOING TO BE HUGE!
Speeds comparable to T1 lines (both Up and Down) (projected 1.544 mbps or 1,544 kbps), with Mobile Wireless Technology more powerful than current Mobile Wireless:
T3 speeds (projected 44.736 mbps) available for about $80/month.
Best Coverage: able to transmit signal through buildings, forests, and up to 20 feet underground, 30-60 miles from a tower.
Most Secure: the signal is secured with better than 256-bit SSL encryption so no firewall hardware is required.
Phone Calls on the Internet with VOIP, just $9.95/month more.
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The Wireless Corp. is about to IPO, and will start service in California, Texas & Washington soon, all US and Canada by end of 2008.
(Then Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Asia.
(The CEO of The Wireless Corp. helped develop Instant Replay with Ted Turner for football games to be officiated more fairly)
Mobile Wireless Everywhere from your laptop - $19.95/month:
Fantastic Deal! Get in on the Ground Floor Marketing it Free!
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